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  1. Yes, for male hair actually… when scale it very small it’s a bit like cornrow
  2. No tutorial needed, just have to know the textures Instance/hash, for default replacement you just have to replace Maxis’s with s4pe (works like s3pe), it will cover all body types but I think non-default at the moment have only 1 body type… which will not change when fit/fat/thin (except maybe do head-only non-default and use a default replacement for body). New skin tone (color) can be done in Hex + new hash

New?… (except swatch color still the one I cloned from)

Only color/tone of the skin, I can’t find anything to link new skin texture, only the color can be done (but it does somewhat pale overlay texture over Maxis’s as you can see the beard, etc. over Maxis’s female skin)


Get the tone here in case anyone interested. Grey tone, no texture

Don’t upload the Sim containing this tone on Gallery or it will turn out black for people who don’t have it

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